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• Can reduce the appearance of sun damage • Prevents premature aging • 100% Vegan
• Night Regime Dry Oil • Made with Squalene, Retinol, Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil • Helps Fight Pigmentation & Signs of Aging • For Glowing Skin & Smoother Skin Texture • Suits All Skin Types
Repair Pigmented Skin with Brightening Saffron • Aloe Vera Beads • Gold Flakes
VITE N GLOW Face Wash is the first step to achieve a clean and clear skin. VITE N GLOW Range helps correct pigmentation.
VITE N GLOW Toner is the third step in this pigmentation corrector range, which helps balance and prepare the skin for the next step.
VITE N GLOW Face Serum is the fourth step to help treat skin for pigmentation correction.