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"• helps repair dull and damaged hair by providiing natural nourishment. • contains natural ingredients like argan oil, macadamia oil and linseed oil that make the hair smooth and shiny. • 100% organic "
"• Ease Roughness of the foot • Ease Dryness of the foot • Help you feel fresh and active • Help the feet feel natural as if you are walking on a freshly mowed lawn on a Saturday afternoon • Promote stability of the feet "
"• Effective formula with antibacterial effects. • Protects reliably against sweat • Helps to making your feet moisturized, refreshed and odor-free. "
"• Light weight formula that absorbs quickly. • Restores skin's softness and moisture. • Forms a moisture barrier ensuring smooth and moisturized skin. "
"• Enriched with vitamin E is a versatile oil that exfoliates, tones and moisturizes the skin, helps reduce acne, stretch marks, dryness and roughness. • It conditions the nails and moisturizes cuticles, heals cracked lips while making them soft and smooth, • A perfect leave-in hair conditioner as it makes hair easier to style, repairs split ends, tames frizz and adds a healthy shine. • Add this oil to your daily beauty routine for head to toe nourishment "
✔️ Prevents Cuticles From Peeling ✔️ Nourishes, Soothes & Softens Dry Cuticles ✔️ Protects, Strengthens & Conditions Nail & Cuticles 🌿 Formulated with Organic Argan Oil 🔸 Natural Dry & Peeling Cuticle Treatment
"• An innovative serum for enhanced and thicker-looking lashes. • 100% organic • For all skin types "
✔️ Longer & thicker lashes ✔️ Strengthens roots of lashes ✔️ Promotes regrowth of lashes 🌿 Made with Organic Argan Oil
"• Beneficial in reducing freckles and pigmentation. • Reduces roughness and dryness while soothing the skin. • Helps reduce scars, spots and freckles. • Make your skin clear, soft and smooth "
✔️ Smooth, Nourishes & Moisturizes Hands ✔️ Protecting, Age Spot Reducing ✔️ Prevents Dryness & Roughness ✔️ Rejuvenates & Restores Damaged Hands 🌱 Formulated with Organic Argan Oil 🔸 Natural Treatment for Dry, Rough & Aging Skin
✔️ Strengthens & Protects Nails ✔️ Promotes Healthy Nail Growth ✔️ Nourishes & Conditions Nail 🌿 Formulated with Organic Argan Oil 🔸 Natural Dry & Brittle Nail Treatment
"• Reduces and prevent stretch marks. It • Improves skin elasticity while making the skin moisturized. • Leaves your skin smooth, soft and stretch marks free, naturally! "
✔️ On-The-Spot Treatment ✔️ Brightens Dark Circles ✔️ Reduces Puffiness, Fine Lines & Wrinkles
• Provides the nutrients and antioxidants essential for healthy skin, hair and body. • Reduces acne, stretch marks, blemishes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. • Strengthens nails, promotes hair growth and treats split ends.