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Experience absolute wellness with natural remedies, healthy teas, and, dietary supplements.

Incredible, naturally nutrient-rich, herbal products for you to lead a healthy and a fit lifestyle. 💪🏼

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A mighty relief tea, with a blend of powerful healing herbs. The tea helps in strengthening your immunity and helps to stay protected from viruses
Rs 1,490.00
Rs 275.00
Rs 550.00
Black Seeds Oil
Rs 650.00
An amazing face, hair and body oil.
Rs 790.00
Rs 425.00
Rs 560.00
Rs 275.00
An anti-cellulite, slimming and fat burning cream with powerful herbal extracts which helps in reducing cellulite and firming the skin that can work for up to 24 hours.
Rs 1,890.00
"• Natural rose water has a gorgeous uplifting scent. • It is a gently cleansing and toning product for all skin types. The rose water has hydrating and anti-inflammatory action "
Rs 4,000.00
Rs 3,500.00
"• Sweats out • Compress the fat cells • Body slimming "
Rs 990.00
Berry Delicious
Rs 550.00
Rs 4,000.00
Rs 3,700.00