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Article 6

My Affordable makeup routine.


Being a makeup artist, my life revolves around makeup but I am not a huge fan of layering up tons of makeup in my everyday routine. Therefore, I appreciate anything and everything that’s lightweight, affordable and readily available. For which I have been gravitating a lot towards the Wasim Badami by Hemani’s ‘Oh So Makeup’ makeup range.

For a lightweight base I go for the Oh So Flawless BB cream in light beige. This is spf 30 and has a light coverage. This is good for my dry skin, as it’s very hydrating. 

The next step is powder, for which I go for ‘Oh so flawless compact powder’ to mildly set my base. It’s a lightweight, light coverage powder that prevents the creasing of my base.

I top it off with the ‘oh so flawless’ peach blush on, for a subtle and natural flushed look. 

For a subtle, everyday glow, I recommend a good natural looking highlighter. The WB ‘oh so flawless’ highlighter in ‘golden sand’ works perfectly for me.

For fleecy brows, I use my ‘oh so flawless’ eyebrow palette in ‘dark’. 

For a natural eye look; I use the ‘oh so flawless’ divine desert palette. 

For fluttery lashes, I chose the Oh So Flawless mascara. 

Last but not the least, my go to nude lipstick lately is ‘oh so flawless’ Vintage Nude liquid lipstick by WB by Hemani.

This is my list of products for a  ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup look.