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Article 3



There’s nothing like waking up your skin in the morning with a deep cleansing daily face wash enriched with valuable honey extracts perfect for a smooth and clear complexion. I’m sure you’re all aware of honey’s incredible healing and nourishing powers and vitality for dry and sensitive skin like my own. The usage is simple; simply apply liberally to your entire face and gently massage, rinse off and witness for yourself a clean and healthy, beautiful morning skin.


Followed by a healthy face wash is an ever healthier daily honey scrub that thoroughly cleanses pores for any and all residue that could be harmful with makeup on top. Simply apply this scrub to our face and massage gently to exfoliate the skin and rinse off. The youthful, fresh and absolutely radiant glow this look provides in early morning, is what I live for.


I tried a new product that totally caught my attention the minute I saw it. A luxurious eye cream that gently moisturizes the eye area and provides a tightening effect to visually reduce under eye bags and morning puffiness that has the potential to ruin a perfect makeup look, to provide an immediately smoother, brighter and well-rested look. I took only  a small amount of the cream onto my fingertips and massaged my under eye area with it. I gently tapped until I actually felt the sudden burst of hydration through my under eyes and outcome, without a mistake, was INCREDIBLE! I’m definitely using this product again and possibly before I do my makeup, every day.