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Article 1

I have been breaking out a lot lately, so I decided to try out something different for skincare. I was sent a few products by WB by Hemani and therefore the first products I gravitated towards were their ‘No Acne’ range. 


‘NO ACNE NATURALLY; CHARCOAL FACE MASK’: this is a mask that claims to get rid of toxins and impurities, hence getting rid of acne. This is a deep pore cleansing formula. I used a brush to apply it evenly to my face, and let it dry for about 15 minutes as per the instructions on the packaging. It had a cooling effect on my skin, and as it dried down, I wiped it off with a damp towel and then rinsed my face with cold water. I have been using this mask for 3 days now and my painful breakouts have settled down. I’m looking forward to including this in my skincare routine.


‘NO ACNE NATURALLY; FACE SERUM’: After cleansing my face, I need a good moisturizer. I love creams and serums, and this is something I was very excited to try. 

This is a light weight, water based serum. The product claims to draw out impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells. Two or three drops are more than enough. I loved the way my skin felt so supple and hydrated after using this. I’ve already included this in my makeup bag, I feel like it’s going to become a constant in my skincare routine. I’m really liking this.



This is something I actually really liked. I avoid creams that have a strong fragrance but it’s safe to say that I really liked this one. This is a spot treatment cream that specifically targets acne without over-drying the skin. It’s lightweight and not sticky at all, unlike most creams. I have been using this for a while now, and I like it so much, I see myself buying a second jar very soon. 


Skincare results require consistency and patience. Therefore we have to be patient with the results. Some products also react differently for different skins. Every product might not suit everyone. The results might vary from skin to skin. Therefore what works for me might not necessarily work for you.